Ligiron Racing

Wooden Scooter Race
Valencia, Negros Oriental

Valencia - Ligiron 2018

The Ligiron Racing 2018 (wooden scooter) race is an annual celebration in the municipality of Valencia. The Tourism Office of Valencia, headed by Sir Albert Tubal were very kind enough for inviting us to the said event. The journey from Dumaguete City to Valencia started off early on the beautiful Saturday morning of May 26, 2018.

What is Ligiron?

Ligiron comes from the root word “ligid” which means wheel. The main materials used for creating such vehicle are wood, rubber and nails. Accessories are optional, however, a ligiron must be strong and big enough to carry one rider down the bumpy tracks. The concept of this rough sport is pushing and rolling the handcrafted wooden scooter downhill to the finish line.

The first ever Ligiron Competition was organized by Nicky Dumapit and is still active on the on-going organization of the same event. With the cooperation of the Lipay and Kalibutan Organization, the first ever Palumba and Paambak (Racing and Jumping) sa Ligiron was held back in 2013 in Camp Look Out of Barangay Bongbong, Valencia.

Ligiron 2018 in Valencia

There were about 20 participants in the Ligiron 2018 – wooden scooter competition with three divisions; beginners, elite/expert and the long jump. The competition was still held at Camp Look Out of Barangay Bongbong. The weather gods were on our side that day for it did not rain. Considering that it was “brownout” or blackout in the second district of Negros Oriental, people came out from their houses to watch and enjoy the Ligiron Racing 2018.

It was indeed a rough yet enjoyable sport to attend…and maybe join!

Congratulations to all the winners of the Ligiron 2018 competition. Until next year!