Candidates for Mayor of Dumaguete

Candidates Mayor of Dumaguete

After the 5- day filing period of the Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) the Commission on Elections (Comelec) reported a rather quiet filing period for the big 2016 elections, where not only the new President of the Philippines will be elected, but also a new mayor of Dumaguete. Comelec Dumaguete reported 29 candidates filed their CoCs to run for the positions of Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors of Dumaguete.

Mayor of Dumaguete – 2016 Election Candidates

At closing time Friday afternoon Comelec registered four candidates to run for the City’s highest position to become the successor of Manuel Teves Sagarbarria.

The candidates are:

    • Felipe Antonio Remollo
    • Mercedarius Generoso
    • Quirino Ramirez
    • Woodrow Maquiling Sr.

Vice Mayor of Dumaguete – 2016 Election Candidates

With Vize-Mayor Woodrow Maquiling Sr. giving it a run for the top-spot Dumaguete will also have a face in that positon. It will be a race of three to all the way to the finish line on Election Day which is scheduled for Monday May 9, 2016. The three are:

    • Antonio Johnson Remollo
  • Franklin Esmena Jr.

  • Nelson Awid Layague

City Councilors of Dumaguete – 2016 Election Candidates

22 candidates have filed their CoC to become one of the ten City Councilors of Dumaguete. According to a statement of Comelec election Officer Gildu Agoncillo all candidates appear qualified. Most of them have either experience as City or barangay officials or are businessmen or lawyers. Here the names of the 22 candidates:

  • Agustin Miguel Perdices
  • Alan Gel Cordova
  • Danilo Teves Leon
  • Estanislao Alviola
  • Isagani Bana
  • Joe Kenneth Arbas
  • Jose Victor Imbo
  • Karissa Faye Tolentino
  • Leovigildo Elmaco
  • Lilani Ramon
  • Lionel Banogon
  • Maelyne Rose Mariano
  • Manuel Arbon
  • Manuel Nelson Patrimonio
  • Manuel Sagarbarria
  • Melissa-Erames Tuballa
  • Michael Bandal
  • Peter Catan
  • Ramil Cornelia
  • Reu Ismil
  • Samuel Dicen
  • Virgilio Zerna

Now it is up to the approximately 77,000 registered voters of Dumaguete City who will be their new leaders. 4,000 of these voters don’t have biometrics yet and need to register until the end of the month.

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