24-Hour Curfew for Students & Senior Citizens – Community Quarantine Pass

March 25, 2020 – by DaisyB posted on Dumaguete.Info

The threat of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus has gone global. It is best to be cautious and start preventing all possible causes of the spread. With this being said, the governor of Negros Oriental has signed an Executive Order for both the young and the old to stay at home 24-hours.

24-Hour Curfew for Students & Senior Citizens – Community Quarantine Pass

Negros Oriental Governor Roel R. Degamo signed Executive Order 24 Series of 2020 yesterday March 24, 2020. Under this Executive Order, all Senior Citizens and Students who were enrolled in the school year 2019-2020 are on a 24-hour curfew.  With the pandemic of the coronavirus in the country, the government are taking serious steps to prevent and protect both the old and the young.

24-Hour Curfew for STUDENTS in Negros Oriental

According the EO, students, whether minor or of legal age who have been in school during School Year 2019-2020 are included in this Order of the curfew. Students who fall in the list below are to follow the curfew:

  • from Preparatory to College Education, either in Formal, Technical- and Vocational- or Alternative Learning System Education
  • students who just graduated.
  • out-of-school youth (13 years old to 17 years old) who are not working are included in the implementation of this Order

Students of Medical Law, and Graduate Schools are NOT included in this Order.  However, they are advised and encouraged to stay at home during the period of community quarantine, when necessary, subject to Section 1, E0 21-A, Series of 2020.

24-Hour Curfew for STUDENTS in Negros Oriental

Studies have showed that older people are more at risk on getting the virus. Thus, the Executive Order 24 included senior citizens in Negros Oriental in the 24-Hour curfew. Senior Citizens that ages from 65 years and above shall be under strict home quarantine being most vulnerable when infected with COVID-19 disease. Senior Citizens (60 to 64 years of age), though not included in the guidelines, are advised to stay at home. Individuals who belong to this group, and are still working, either in private or public establishments, should arrange their working schedules with their employers so as not to jeopardize their health condition and safety, subject to Section 1. EO 21-A, Series of 2020.

Community Quarantine Pass

Each barangay in every Municipality or City is enjoined to issue a Community Quarantine Pass, which will serve as gate pass at assigned Philippine National Police /Local Government Unit/Department Of Health checkpoints or chokepoints during the period of General Community Quarantine.

  • Every household shall be issued only one Community Quarantine Pass that will serve as legal permission for an individual to go out of the family home to buy food, essential goods, medicine, or to transact with a bank.
  • For individuals who are still reporting for work, they are required to show their Government or Company-issued ID and Company Certification of DUTY STATUS at designated PNP/LGU/DOH checkpoints which shall be considered their Community Quarantine Pass. NO DOCUMENT, NO PASS!
  • For Senior Citizens who are living alone, and need to buy food, essential goods. and medicines or transact with a bank, the Barangay through the BHERT, BNS, or BHW shall assist them when necessary, or prepare a schedule for easy monitoring of these Senior Citizens.

The Task Force was authorized the governor to defend the borders of the province by setting checkpoint and preventing the entry of people stated in the said executive order. No one is to leave are enter the borders of Negros Oriental unless they bare cargo or deliveries for essential goods and medical items.

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