Maglahos Cave – Vallehermoso

Negros Oriental

Vallehermoso Maglahos Cave

Maglahos is four kilometers from Rotonda of Tagbino to the rigfit. The road leading to Maglahos is the road to Quezon a Barangay that is almost six kilometers from Maglahos and part of Negros Occidental.

Now, how the name of the place came to be? In Maglahos you will not find a waterfall but instead a cave. They said that this is where the place coined its name. The people before and there are some until now that used this cave as their passageway. This cave has a wide opening and located near the “dalakit” tree which is at the back of the school site.

People used this cave as their way to travel “directly passing through” (lahos-lahos) in going to another place. And so the name got its name a long, long time ago.

A cave is a hollow place in the ground, a natural underground large enough for a human to enter. They are naturally formed by the weathering of rock and often extend deep into the underground.

Maglahos is not yet classified as to what type and kind of cave according to its physical patterns. Since this place has not been explored and documented by cavers.

Maglahos Cave as it is known in the place served a great purpose to the inhabitants. Though people use this place to travel the place remains preserved. The chemical change that occurred in the cave hardens the minerals and form deposits icicle-like stalactites which hang from the ceiling and the stalagmites which rise up from the ground.

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Due to this natures gift, the new administration and Office of Tourism are doing everything they can to develop these places (Maglahos Cave, Enchanted Waterfall, and Pinucauan Fall) to be developed and become tourists attractions of the municipality of Vallehermoso.