Pinucauan Falls – Vallehermoso

Negros Oriental

Vallehermoso Pinucauan Falls

Vallehermoso is blessed by Mother Nature not only with one waterfall in Sitio Sayaw, but with one more another waterfall can be found in one of the barangays of Vallehermoso, in Sitio Navinlan, Pinucauan, Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental.

According to the people of Pinucauan, the place is named after a phenomenon that occurred in the place a long time ago. The place was once abundant with forest trees and other forms of vegetation. People planted corns, vegetables and root crops. They enjoyed a simple yet abundant life. They did harvest fresh vegetables, big ears of corn, chasing wild pigs.

The name “Pinukauan” came from the root word “pukaw” in dialect which means to awaken someone. The term “Pinukauan” was originally given by the Bukidnon settlers of the place, meaning somebody was taken up after days of sleep due to malaria infestation. The winding river that traveled from Navinlan falls to Barangay Bagawines became the breeding place of anopheles mosquitoes that carried malaria.

Pinucauan Falls Vallehermoso Negros Oriental

Pinucauan waterfalls is a sheet form of waterfall because the water falls from the edge of a cliff then from one layer to another before it falls freely into the air and landed to the streambed. Though it is a sheet form of waterfalls it is not as grandeur as compared to other waterfalls in the country and the whole world.

Pinucauan falls like all other waterfalls has very cold and clear water that flows down to Bagawines River. And like other waterfalls is another gift from Mother Nature waiting to be developed and be known.

Another gift that Vallehermoso should preserve, develop and be proud of.