PRC Requirements and Procedures for Name Change After Marriage

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PRC Name Change requirments and procedures after marriage

After a couple has enter the matrimonial sacraments of congruency, changing of name is the important evidence that you have entered marriage. This tradition has passed on from generations to generation with only few variations of law in different countries. In the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) office, women will change their family name or surname to the family name of her husband keeping her born family name as her middle initial name.

Here are the requirements and procedures to change your name after marriage:

Note: The Application form has to be accomplished and signed by the petitioner herself and must be submitted in one copy  

REQUIREMENTS for PRC Name Change after Marriage:

  • Duly accomplished Petition Form that is notarized and under oath
  • Original and Photocopy of your Certificate of Marriage/Marriage Contract     duly issued by the National Statistics Office
  • 2 pieces Passport-sized ID picture in white background with full name tag.
  • Statutory fee of P225.00
  • Metered documentary stamp
  • Photocopy of PRC ID
  • Official Receipt

PROCEDURES for PRC Name Change after Marriage:

  1. Fill out this Petition Form, and have it notarized.
  2. Proceed to Renewal Counter (for verification of your registered names and   assessment of fees).
  3. Go to Customer Service, for metered documentary stamp.
  4. Proceed to any Cashier Windows for payment of fees.
  5. Submit duly accomplished Petition Form to the REGULATIONS SERVICES.
  6. Petition Form should be accompanied with a Certified True Copy of your     Certificate of Marriage in NSO security paper. Should there be any discrepancy on the entries of the Certificate of Marriage and verifications,     submit a Certificate of Live Birth in NSO security paper.


  • For those professionals applying for any CORRECTION/S, REVERSION AND REMARRIAGE, the Petition for Correction of Date/Entry Form shall be accomplished please be advised to proceed directly to the REGULATIONS SERVICES, for assistance.
  • Always bring the Original Copies of the required NSO documents for   validation and further verification.
  • You may visit the PRC Official Website ( for verification of your     petition status, once amended, you may claim your PRC ID Card. is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT the PRC office!
For ANY related question, get in touch with the PRC office!

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