Daygon 2015 – The Sounds of Christmas Bayawan City

Daygon 2015 - Bayawan City

Once again we were invited by our friend Eli G. Manlangit to Bayawan City, This time for the Daygon 2015 – contest. We only can speak for ourselves and some people in the audience we talked to, but the evening was a beautiful, entertaining evening in the spirit of christmas. That it was also a contest was really a kind of secondary.

This is one of the reasons why we post the pictures more or less in a random order, because if there was a real winner, it was the audience. It was a perfect evening to get each and every one in attendance into the right spirit for the festive season.

Daygon 2015 – Welcome to the Festive Season

The Daygon 2015 started like announced at 8 o’clock in the evening with not a second delay. After the doxology and the singing of the “Lupang Hinirang” the event started with the opening production number “Andaluz” presented by the Habagatang Negros Dance Group of the Bayawan National High School. A brief welcome Mr. Eli G. Manlangit – Chairman of the Daygon Competition– was followed by another cultural dance performance, the “KadalTahu”, performed by Augustinian of Bayawan Cultural Ensemble (ABCE), before Hon Sharlou F. Jamin delivered the first Christmas Message.

Cultural Dance Philippines

Another cultural dance production –“Kappa Malong Malong” performed by the Habagatang Negros Dance Group of the Bayawan National High School lead to the welcoming Christmas message of Honorable Ismael P. Martinez – Mayor of Bayawan City.

Finally, the judges were introduced, the criteria read-out for the audience and the first choir entered the stage. Now, it is not easy to capture the enthusiastic choirs in a still image without sound, but we hope you can see and maybe feel a little bit the enthusiasm of all participants.

All performances were simply beautiful and filled the rather not so festive grey concrete city-gym in Bayawan City not only with the sounds of Christmas, but much more important with the spirit of it. Not only we had a slightly wet eyes of joy, many of the audience had that special peaceful shining in their eyes, which cannot be seen that often in our busy times nowadays.

After another very well presented cultural dance –“El Canii” performed by the ABCE- was the opener of the community singing with the Habagatang Negros Dance Group before the winners were announced and the awards were given.

The trips to Bayawan City, in the south of Negros Oriental, became one of our favorite trips for different reasons. First, it is a lovely small city with a lot of beautiful nature to explore, second the people welcomed us everywhere, and third, the events organized by Mr. Manlangit were the most professional organized events we’ve seen over the years. No hours of delay, no stretching of program, no waste of valuable lifetime. Just straight to the point, professional and entertaining for all people. It may sound like a praise, well it is one, because many event-organizers in Negros bore their guests into a grumpy mood or make them fall asleep with endless delays before anything happens on stage.

Once again, thank you Bayawan City, we had a great time at the “Daygon 2015  – The  Sounds of Christmas” event.

See you all at the Tawo Tawo Festival 2016

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