Video of Miss Canlaon 2022

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

The search for Miss Canlaon 2022 was held last March 18 at the Canlaon City Gymnasium. Twelve lovely ladies participated in the annual beauty and brain pageant. The winner of Miss Canlaon will also be named as the Pasayaw Festival Queen 2022. The coronation night program started with the opening number, where the candidates dressed in their festival costumes. This was then followed by the swimsuit competition, then evening gown competition. After this, the Q&A. Twelve ladies, one crowns…who will be the next queen?

Watch the Miss Canlaon 2022 Video here:

Pasayaw Festival in Canlaon is an annual celebration and thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest of vegetables, fruits, and crops. Canlaon City is known as the “Vegetable Basket of Negros Oriental”. It comes to no surprise that the city is proud to dress up in different vegetables during the city’s festivities.


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