Video of Miss Basay 2022

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

The Miss Basay 2022 Coronation Night marks the first live pageant since 2019. After three years with the pandemic, the municipality of Basay is slowly going back to “normal” with the celebration of their town fiesta. Ten lovely candidates participated in this year’s search for a new queen. The coronation night was held last March 16, 2022. First, the candidates paraded in their Kapaw Festival costumes for a very lively production number, then this was followed by the swimwear round, then the evening gown round. A quick Q&A followed the gown round, and soon a new queen was crowned!

Watch the Miss Basay 2022 video below:


Did you know that the term “kapaw” means overflow or to overflow? The Kapaw Festival in Basay is a thanksgiving celebration for the overflowing blessing of a bountiful harvest of fish and other seafood. Basay may be a small town, but its people have a big heart and their natural resources is abundant!So what are you waiting for? Visit Basay now!

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