Traveling to Dumaguete City (Requirements & Regulations) 2021

Traveling to Dumaguete City

Requirements & Regulations – 2022

Traveling to Dumaguete City for local tourists, OWF, & Non-OWF just got easier! You can enter Dumaguete City with just 2 easy steps. As stated under the National Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Resolution No. 101, local travelers will no longer need testing and quarantine. This is unless the LGU of destination will say otherwise. Make sure that you follow all health protocols such as wearing of face mask/ face shield and practice of social distancing. Make sure to wash hands with soap and water or sanitize with alcohol.

Dumaguete City Emergency Operations Center (as of September 30, 2021)
Globe: 0945 661 1978 — Smart 0961 524 6296

Contact numbers may change without prior notice.


Returning Local Resident, ROF, OFW, Government Employee/ Official Uniformed Personnel, Workers, Special Resident Retiree’s Visa Holder, Tourist, Visitor, DFA/PRC/NBI/ Medical Appointment)

Step 1. Prepare Requirements.


1. An original copy of the vaccination card with certification duly issued by the local vaccination center or Vaccination Certificate from the DICT.
2. Any government issued ID.
3. A photocopy of both the vaccination card with certification duly issued by the local vaccination center or Vaccination Certificate from the DICT, and the government issued ID bearing the traveler’s contact information number for contact tracing purposes.

A Vaccination Certificate is only required for those vaccination cards without QR code or without contact details of your City Health Office (CHO)/Municipal Health Unit (MHU); it is needed for validation of vaccination card details. Requirements: Vaccination Card, 1 Valid ID & Cellphone Number

City Health Office (Head: Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla)
City Hall Compound Colon Street, Contact (035) 422-0798 or 225- 2535


1. Any government-issued ID.
2. A NON-REACTIVE or NEGATIVE ANTIGEN test results valid within 48 hours after the release of the result.
3. A photocopy of both the government-issued ID and the NEGATIVE ANTIGEN test result, together on one page, bearing the traveler’s contact information number.

Step 2. Coordinate with your LGU of destination / Dumaguete Tourism Office. Traveler shall INFORM through various means of communication such as text, call, electronic mail and messenger, etc., the LGU of final destination of his or her travel. (as stated under Section 3. of Provincial Executive Order 43, Series of 2021)

When traveling to Dumaguete, make sure to contact your Local Government Unit of origin before contacting the Dumaguete City Tourism Office.

Here are  the travel requirements for other destinations in Negros Oriental. is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT any LGU office!
For ANY question, get in touch with your respective LGU office!

34 replies
  1. Tina
    Tina says:

    Hello, ask kolang po, Kung galing kabankalan going dumaguete ano po requirement kc Punta lng po ako dfa for appointment renewal passport this may.

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      thanks for your comment.
      Did you actually read the article and/or watched the video? If so, which part of the really simple process did you have problems understanding? Please describe your problems in detail, so we can help you.

      • Enzo
        Enzo says:

        Good day,
        Tanong ko lang po if same requirements po ba sa mga bata below 2 years old. Negative Swab test result and spass registration.
        Thank you.

  2. Mara Cabana
    Mara Cabana says:

    Good morning
    I’m from Cagayan de Oro City tanong lang po if its possible to stay in Dumaguete for at least 1 month or more?
    And if open po ba ang seaport in Dumaguete if i travel from Cagayan de Oro to Tagbilaran.
    I supoose to leave CDO next month.

    I’d love to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you

  3. Maribel N Acierto
    Maribel N Acierto says:

    Hi! Im from the province of Bohol, We have a passport renewal appointment this month of June.Our problem is that our RT-PCR swab test machine was brought to Cebu for maintenance and the Head of the Provincial Hospital cannot promise when it will be returned. Our second option is the Saliva test, However, the schedule for the Red Cross Saliva Testing is during Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and the Boat trip Cebu to Dumaguete is Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, the Negative PCR will expire. Please help us what to do . Thanks.

  4. Maribel N Acierto
    Maribel N Acierto says:

    RT PCR swab test machine in Bohol was brought to Cebu for maintenance. The Officer is not sure when it will be back to Bohol. Our passport appointment is fast approaching. Please guide us. Thanks

  5. Joann Villanueva
    Joann Villanueva says:

    Hi, I would just like to clarify about “no longer need testing and quarantine” statement .. I’m just a little confused because on step 2, it says the traveller needs to submit a copy of negative result of RT PCR test .. please enlighten me thanks

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      You need to be tested before travel and submit the negative test result. arriving travelers don´t need to be tested and don´t need to undergo quarantine upon arrival in Dumaguete.

  6. Matt
    Matt says:


    I read somewhere that Dumaguete accepts local travelers if they submit negative anti-gen test but testing should be done by Red Cross only.

    Is that true?

    Also, do you accept vaccination card in lieu of RT-PCR Testing?

    Thank you in advance!

  7. Edgar Ramirez
    Edgar Ramirez says:

    I just want to visit my mother who lives in Tayasan, I am from NCR area. I’m I allowed to travel?
    I am already fully vaccinated for more than 14 days. What are the travel requirements? assuming I am allowed. Thank you

  8. Rune Nystad
    Rune Nystad says:

    thanks for posting.
    FYI- multiped questions here.
    One- Is there a link to the actual source of travel requirements ? All the links here link to Dumaguete dot com .
    Two- I am confused about Your step 2. Must we that are fully vaxed and fulfill the requirements laid out in step one also contact Local LGU and the Dumaguete City Tourism Office?
    tree- I tried calling 032-422-0798 from Globe mobile and this number is not for the Dumaguete City Tourism Office.

  9. eugenio
    eugenio says:

    i would like to aak if possible to enter in dumaguete,coz i have to renew my passport and only dumaguete dfa have available slot,,i’m from bacolod city,,hope you can respond to my concerns,,thank you

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      Our response to your concern is, that it raises concerns in us, that you did not read the article you commended on. Reading said article would be the starting point, as it really clarifies, how to enter Dumaguete City.
      God bless and stay safe.

  10. Medelyn
    Medelyn says:

    What if b makuha lang passport dra sa dumaguete and I’m from bacolod…anu requirments kung mabalik Man ko dayun after kuha sang akun passports..need bala nga fully vaccinated?? What if first dose Lang?? Thank u.. Waiting for your reply

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      The rules remain the same, no matter if you make a selfie at the boulevard and go back or stay for a month. First dose has to follow the NOT vaccinated rules, as it is obvious not fully vaccinated.
      Happy new year and stay safe.


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