Travel Requirements for Negros Oriental 2021 – Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

September 06, 2021 – by DaisyB posted on DumagueteInfo

The Travel Requirements of Negros Oriental was updated by the provincial government by releasing Executive Ordinance No. 28-B. In the new ordinance, the different travel requirements for fully vaccinated, unvaccinated, and exemptions are stated.  

Travel Requirements for Negros Oriental 2021 – Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

Provincial Governor Roel Degamo signed Executive Order No. 28-B releasing the latest Negros Oriental Travel Requirements for September 2021. Included in the list of requirements are for fully vaccinated individuals and unvaccinated individuals.

Negros Oriental Travel Requirements (2021)

All travelers must also have an approved S-PASS from their LGU of final destination. For children, 10 years old and below, are not required to undergo Antigen or RT-PCR testing if the accompanying parents have a negative RT-PCR or negative/non-reactive Antigen result.


All fully vaccinated travelers are required to present their vaccination cards as well as their non-reactive or negative Antigen test result (valid within 48 hours upon release of result] prior to their entry in the province of Negros Oriental).  Only individuals that have been vaccinated fourteen (14) days after the date of inoculation of the second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine or the first dose of a single-shot COVID-19 vaccine are considered “FULLY VACCINATED”.


All travelers who are unvaccinated are required to present a negative oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal RT-PCR [swab] test result from DOH-accredited Testing Centers valid within 72 hours from the date of release.

EXCEPTIONS: The following are exempted from the abovementioned net of travel protocols:

  1. driver and 1 helper of essential goods and services;
    b. Individuals (patient and 1 accompanying person) traveling for medical purposes;
    c. Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APOR) undertaking intelligence works.

However, the above-mentioned are still required to submit a non-reactive or negative Antigen test result (valid within 48 hours upon release of result).

Cities and municipalities in the Province of Negros Oriental are authorized to formulate and implement health and safety protocols as well as guidelines they deem fit in their locality.

NOTE: We are not any LGU Office or any Government Office. For more information, please contact your respective local government units or authorities.

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