Travel Requirements for Domestic Flights in the Philippines

Travel Requirements for Domestic Flights in the Philippines

Philippine Airlines – Cebu Pacific – Air Asia

Travel Requirements for domestic flights in the Philippines will vary on the airline and the local government unit or LGU of destination. As stated under the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Resolution No. 101, all passengers will no longer be required to undergo COVID-19 testing except if the Local Government Unit (LGU) of destination shall require testing prior to travel. Testing for COVID-19 will be limited to RT-PCR tests. Passengers will no longer have to undergo quarantine unless an individual shows symptom upon arrival at the LGU of destination. Travel Authority issued by the Joint Task Force COVID Shield and Health Certificates will no longer be required. Nonetheless, there are still a few requirements that need to be taken note of.

Since local travels or domestic flights are allowed, there are a few general requirements everyone must comply. Wearing of face mask and face shield is important. Practicing social distancing inside the plane is also important. Here is a more detailed Travel Requirements for Domestic Flights via Philippine Airline, Cebu Pacific  & Air Asia.

Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements

To ensure everyone’s health and safety, Philippine Airlines and its passengers shall strictly observe the following in all airport facilities and onboard the aircraft:

  1. Mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields.
  2. Mandatory use of the Traze Mobile Application to generate and scan their QR code when entering in, boarding from, and upon arriving in all Philippine Airports starting November 28, 2020, as mandated by the Philippine Department of Transportation. Download here!
  3. Registration to PAL’s Passenger Profile & Health Declaration Form as early as 5 days before departure and securing required travel and health documents of the destination.
  4. Mandatory physical & social distancing. Minimum contact at all times & in all places within the airport premises, and during all procedures, from check-in, boarding, inflight, disembarking to retrieving of check-in baggage.
  5. Mandatory public safety announcements before closing of doors and during flight for cabin and health security protocols.
  6. Regular sanitation & disinfection of all airline facilities and equipment. Daily first aid stocks available onboard the aircraft.
Philippine Airlines in Dumaguete

Philippine Airlines shall do its best to observe social distancing measures inside the aircraft, subject to space availability. Family members and individuals traveling together as part of the same household may still choose to be seated together.

Philippine Airlines may refuse to carry passengers who fail to comply with any applicable laws, rules, and government regulations of any country to be flown from, to, or over.

This page contains the travel rules and requirements for each province, city, or municipality in the Philippines. Please note that there may be multiple travel requirements for each destination on national and provincial levels. We would also like to remind passengers that these rules are subject to change by the issuing local government authority and are issued for passengers’ and the public’s safety. As these requirements may change at short notice, the advisories below are meant only as a guide.

Air Asia Airplane - Time and Schedule

Air Asia

For guests in the Philippines who will be flying domestically, please be advised of government-required travel documents below. Depending on the destination, these documents may be presented prior to boarding and/or upon arrival.

Local governments may also have additional requirements. Guests traveling on domestic routes are advised to check local travel guidelines.

Those who are below 21 years old or 60 years old and above and pregnant women will not be allowed to travel in areas under General Community Quarantine in accordance with the current guidelines of the Philippine government.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Dumaguete Flights

Cebu Pacific

Guests flying with Cebu Pacific are required to submit contact information & destination address. These details must be submitted within a set deadline. Please refer to the pre-flight reminder sent you via email for further details. Depending on the LGU requirement, failure to submit may result to denied boarding.

  • Go to Manage Booking online and Log in using your GetGo account or enter your booking reference number & surname to retrieve your booking
  • Click ‘Update Guest Details’
  • Update with the required passenger details and continue

Please take note that these are just guides on the general airline requirements and rules. Make sure to contact the LGU of destination for the most recent requirements and updates.

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  1. Terry Lee
    Terry Lee says:

    I am flying from Naga to Manila. What are the travel requirements? Do I need to do COVID 19 testing? Show my vaccination card? etc.

    INIGO EBIO JR. says:

    hi what is the requirements for age 5, 3, 2 children traveling domestic flight the children has no ID

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Good afternoon.
      Requirements may vary depending on your destination and their Alert Level. You may contact your airline for requirements. In Dumaguete City: Children below 11 years old will only need to present their birth certificates. Children 11 years old and above will need a negative antigen test.

      Hope this helps!


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