How to Transfer Land Titles in the Philippines

Requirements and Procedures

How to transfer Land Titles in the Philippines

When buying properties here in the Philippines, being entitled properly for their land is one of the most accomplishing thing after buying the land itself. But a few mistakes, glitches or error can come along the way. Here are the requirements and the Step-by-step procedures that will successfully guide you in Transferring Land Titles here in the Philippines:


  • Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Original Copy of Transfer Certificate of Title
  • Two (2) copies of Certified Thru Copy of Title -from the Registry of Deeds
  • Five (5) copies of Certified Thru Copy of Tax Declaration -from City Hall Assessor’s Office
  • Original Tax Clearance
  • Certificate of No-Improvement
  • Original Transfer Tax Fee
  • Original Certificate Authorize Registration (CAR )  -from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

Procedures for gathering the documents:

  1. Request the Certified True Copy of Title from the Registry of Deeds
  2. Pay the required amount for the Real Property Tax (good for 1 year) then request for a Tax Clearance.
  3. Make a request of the Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration from your nearby City Hall.
  4. Make a Request for the Certificate of No Improvement from the City Hall.

Procedure for transferring land title in the Philippines:

  1. After gathering all the required documents, proceed to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and pay the CGT (Capital Gains Tax) and DS (Docs Stamps).
  2. Wait until they release your CAR (Certificate Authorize Registration)
  3. When your Certificate Authorize Registration (CAR) have been released, pay the Transfer Tax at the nearby City Hall.
  4. Proceed to the Registry of Deed and pay the registration fee.
  5. Wait until your New Title is released.

It is necessary for one to transfer the land title so that people would not be confuse to who really owns the land. It is a small deal that can turn into great deal in the future if not settled right away.

For any further questions feel free to visit the Registration of Deeds Office located in front of the Capitol Building at Freedom Park. For any properties with-in the city limit, please pay the Dumaguete City Hall a visit. is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT any of these offices!
For further related question, please get in touch with them!

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