Top 10 Festivals in Negros Oriental (2021) – Video

Region 7 – Philippines

There are plenty of Festivals in Negros Oriental that were not able to be celebrated because of the pandemic. Large gatherings are not allowed under the community quarantine regulations. Some festivals were able to make a virtual celebration of some events. However, the street dancing and showdown competitions were completely canceled. Unless a proper vaccine is tested and released to the public, the conditions of the COVID -19 pandemic remains. For now, enjoy the list of the top 10 Festivals in Negros Oriental.

Watch the video below:

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0:00 INTRO
0:50 Tawo Tawo Festival
1:37 Sandurot Festival
2:33 Hudyaka Festival
3:21 Pasayaw Festival
4:02 Inagta Festival
4:42 Sinulog Festival
5:29 Libod Sayaw
6:17 Langub Festival
7:32 Pakol Festival
10:35 Buglasan Festival

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