Places of Interest and Tourist Spots in Tanjay

Tanjay City - Negros Oriental

Started in 1980 Tanjay City created a tourism department to help manage the flow of tourists to favorite tourist spots in Tanjay. Festivals , national landmarks, and historic places like Rizal Park, the Tanjay City Boardwalk and Luparan Falls and caves drive many tourists to the location to view these amazing and beautiful spots.

Rizal Park is situated at the very heart of the city and has under gone many renovations over the years both by city initiatives and private citizen coalitions. The park sits right beside city hall and is a focal point to many celebrations throughout the entire year.

Saint James the Greater Parish

The whole complex of the Tanjay Parish is worth to spend some time. The big church is of course the center piece. However, many smaller buildings and statues are located in the surrounding area. Visitors will not only find praying Catholics, during our visit we recognized that visitors with different beliefs gather together to meditate and send their prayers to whoever they belief in.

St James the Greater


Pal-ew Lake – Tanjay

Pal-ew lake is 45 minutes travel from the city, accessible by four wheels vehicles, and Motor bike.  Locals easily access the lake with via Habal-habal ride (motor bike as public transport) . The guide we had from the Tanjay City Habal bahal terminal which is located in front of Tanjay City Public Market is Mr. Dennes Epa from Barangay Pal-ew Tanjay City. The travel from the city to the mountain of Tanjay was a great because DINS team was enjoying the view of the Bais Valley on the way to the mountain of barangay Pal-ew. DINS team jump off first to the Barangay Hall of Pal-ew to make sure and ask the Captain if the Bridge is already completely fix and if the area is accessible and is it.

On the way to Pal-ew Lake we pass rice farm, small rivers and mountains. The Lake of Pal-ew is hidden in the peaceful rice fields of barangay Pal-ew , lake is about 300 to 350 meters wide and 600 to 700 meter long. The lake also is like a virgin place that so quiet and so relaxing. The lake is not yet fully develop, no cottage around where some guest can stay but locals or some visitors just bring their camping materials and build an area where they can put their stuff.

Luparan Falls in Tanjay

Another stunning place we found in the hinterlands of Tanjay are the Luparan Falls. The path going there is already breathtaking. Along a small mountain ridge one gets slowly to thick tropical forest, before spotting the falls in a small opening.

Luparan Falls in Tanjay

The Luparan Falls appeared a little bit small, but when our guides brought us closer, they were quite high. Two massive rocks are blocking the view, just when reaching the basin  after a small path through the forest. However, the pool is a refreshing reward for a nice hike. Considering that we were there at dry-season, the Luparan Falls are certainly massive during wet season, and not always approachable.