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Zamboanguita Fiesta 2024

Zamboanguita Fiesta 2024 – Schedule of Activities

The Zamboanguita Fiesta 2024 celebrations have arrived with much glamorous activities and events. Here the schedule of activities.

Wednesday Malatapay Market (REOPENED) – Video

In this video, you will see local entrepreneurs striving to make a living in hard times at the Wednesday Malatapay Market, in Zamboanguita .

Miss Zamboanguita 2018 - Negros Oriental - Production Number

Miss Zamboanguita 2018

The coronation night of the Miss Zamboanguita 2018 was held on May 13, 2018 at the gymnasium. For the record, this year’s Miss Zamboanguita 2018 is the first ever pageant DC-Team has covered in the municipality of Zamboanguita. Click here to read more and view galleries of the pageant!

Zamboanguita Fiesta 2018 – Schedule of Activities

The Zamboaguita Fiesta 2018 celebrations has yet arrived with much glamorous activities and events. For this year’s Zamboaguita Fiesta, highlight event includes the search for the Miss Zamboaguita Fiesta Queen 2018. From April 06 to May 17, 2018. Click here to read more and see schedule of activities!