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Basay Fiesta 2023 – Schedule of Events

Basay Fiesta 2023 will be celebrated from March 8-18, 2023. Highlight events include the Kapaw Festival, Miss Basay and Sugba-Sugba Festival. Schedule here!

Kapaw Festival 2020 – Schedule of Events

The Kapaw Festival 2020 of Basay will be held from March 12 – 18, 2020. Don’t miss out on their great events such as the Sugba Sugba Festival. Read more!

Basay – Negros Oriental – Video

The municipality of Basay is located 125 km from Dumaguete City. Learn more about Basay, it’s people, beaches and food! Watch Video here.

Kapaw Festival 2018 - Basay, Negros Oriental

Kapaw Festival 2018

It is hard to believe that another year went by so fast and we are back in Basay for the Kapaw Festival 2018. Check out our Gallery of this great Festival !

Kapaw Festival 2018 - Basay Fiesta - Schedule of Activities

Basay Fiesta & Kapaw Festival 2018 – Schedule of Activities

Every year, Basay is filled up with so much laughter and merry making during the celebration of the Town Fiesta and the Kayaw Festival. The Kapaw Festival 2018 & Basay Fiesta 2018 will be held from March 11 – March 18, 2018. Check out the Kapaw Festival 2018 & Basay Fiesta Schedule of Activities here!

Kapaw Festival 2017

Kapaw Festival 2017 in Basay – Negros Oriental

The Kapaw Festival 2017 in Basay did once again exceed all expectations. Find some pictures of showdown and street dancing in our gallery here.

Kapaw Festival 2017 Basay schedule of events

Kapaw Festival 2017-Basay- Schedule

Municipality of Basay Negros Oriental is famous for their Kapaw Festival.
The Festival that celebrates the abundant catch of fish and the local work for “Over Flowing” is KAPAW.
Kapaw of fish, kapaw of joy,kapaw of fun and for that here is their schedule of events.

Kapaw Festival

Kapaw Festival 2016 Basay

We happily followed the invitation to visit the Municipality of Basay for the Kapaw Festival 2016. The small municipality on the border to Negros Occidental may not be on the list of most visitors, but is certainly worth a trip over a weekend to enjoy the beaches and beautiful nature.

Festivals - Negros Oriental

Kapaw Festival 2015 – Street Dance

The Kapaw Festival 2015 in Basay was a full success. The municipality of Basay was on its feet and a fully packed gym cheered for all four contestants participating in the showdown. When the street dance competition started the streets of the town were one big party.

Kapaw Festival Basay

Street Dancing at Kapaw Festival 2015

Basay Street Dance Competition – Kapaw Festival

Basay - Negros Oriental

Basay - Street Dance

Kapaw Festival 2015

Kapaw Festival - Basa

Kapaw Festival 2015 in Basay

Kapaw Festival 2015 in Basay

Kapaw Festival - Basa

The annually Kapaw Festival in the municipality of Basay is a week of neverending activities. This years celebrations are held from March 13 to March 18 with the actual Festival on Monday, March 16 with the street dance competition and the Showdown. The search for Miss Basay 2015 is taking place at the municipality Gym on March 17.

Kapaw Festival 2015 – Schedule of Events

Friday March 13, 2015

8:00am Basketball Championship Games at Municipality .Gymnasium

Saturday March 14, 2015

7:00 pm Talent and Presentation Night Municipality .Gymnasium

Sunday March 15, 2015

8:00am Billiard Competition at Billiard Hall Basay Public Market.

8:00am Technical Rehearsal Kapaw Festival Municipality Gymnasium.

6:00pm Minus one Bulilit and Senior Division ,Balak, Balitaw, Pop Dance Competition at Mayor Cañamaque Commercial Complex,

9:00pm Live Band at Mayor Cañamaque Commercial Complex

Monday March 16, 2015

7:00am Fluvial Parade Basay Fish Port

9:00am KAPAW SHOWDOWN at Municipality .Gymnasium

11:00am SUGBA-SUGBA FESTIVAL at Basay Fish Port


7:00pm A night to remember with Jennifer Lee of Viva hot babes at Municipality .Gymnasium

Tuesday March 17, 2015

7:00am TRIATHLON at Basay Fish Port

2:00pm CIVIC PARADE at Municipality Quadrangle to Municipality .Gymnasium

7:00pm Search for Miss Basay 2015 at Municipality .Gymnasium

Wednesday March 18, 2015

10:00am CONCELEBRATED MASS at Roman Catholic Church

7:00pm BIG DISCO Night Municipality .Gymnasium

Happy Fiesta 2015, Basay