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Guihulngan City (Negros Oriental) – Video

Guihulngan City is a must visit in Negros Oriental. Specially the Hinakpan Chocolate Hills or Hinakpan Mystical Hills. Watch video here!

Miss Guihulngan 2022

The search for Miss Guihulngan 2022 was participated by ten lovely candidates. Click here to read more, see gallery, & watch video!

Video of Miss Guihulngan 2022

The Miss Guihulngan 2022 coronation night was held last May 22, 2022. There are ten candidates, one crown, and one tittle. Watch video here!

Guihulngan Fiesta 2022 – Schedule of Activities

The Guihulngan Fiesta 2022 will be held from May 19-31 with highlight events celebrated from May 21-25, 2022. Read more here!

Guihulngan Fiesta 2018

Guihulngan Fiesta 2018

Guihulngan Fiesta 2018 is celebrated from May 18 to May 25, 2018. It is a week-long celebration that brings both locals and visitors to a united celebration of both modern and traditional cultures. Check out the Schedule of Activities of the Guihulngan Fiesta 2018 here