Sinulog Festival 2019

Tanjay City – Negros Oriental

Sinulog Festival 2019 in Tanjay City - Street Dancing

In thanksgiving to Tanjay City’s patron saint, Señor Santiago, the celebration of the Sinulog Festival 2019 was held on July 24, 2019. Eight groups participated in the street dancing and showdown of this year’s festival. Colors of green, yellow and red flooded the streets.

Sinulog Festival 2019 – Street Dancing & Showdown

Thanks to the Tanjay City Mayor Reynaldo Concepcion, the DC Team were able to cover the Miss Tanjay 2019 & the Sinulog sa Tanjay with ease! Around noon, the groups started have the street dancing along the streets of Tanjay City. The weather gods were kind enough for not making it rain. It was a bit cloudy but at least it was not too hot.

At one o’clock in the afternoon the showdown competition of the Sinulog sa Tanjay started. The loud beating of the drums and cheering of the audience filled the Osmeña Covered court.

Short History of Sinulog

Due to the Spaniard colonization, most islands in the Philippines are very religious. One day pirates called Moros captured Tanjay’s goods and women. The Christian soldiers fought back in a historical battle against the pirates. The war wasn’t in favor with the Christian soldiers, however, after praying to Señor Santiago, they miraculously won! Until today, they celebrate his name as part of the traditions of Tanjay City.

Happy Fiesta Tanjay City!!!

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