Sandurot Festival 2018

Dumaguete City – Negros Oriental

Sandurot Festival 2018 - Dumaguete City

The Sandurot Festival 2018 of Dumaguete was an event full of joy and harmony. The streets of Dumaguete were jam-packed with spectators to watch the dancers performing their steps. 15 different contingents from different schools and Barangays paraded their way through the streets to the different judging stations from the Rizal Boulevard to Quezon Park.


The DC-Team felt a kind of pity for the dancers and choreographers, as they simply could not show to the crowd, what potential they actually have, due to the limitations given by the rules. Those were implemented last year, and didn’t work out 2017. Sticking to the theme: “It didn’t work before, let’s change nothing” there were again along the boulevard some fancy cars which played the festival song with their sound-system, cranked up to 11 resulting in a mess from many over-run speakers, cracking speaker membranes and noise pollution. Some of the cars looked actually quite nice, though.

Sandurot Festival 2018 – Showdown

Finally, it came to the Sandurot 2018 Showdown in Quezon Park. And finally, one could listen to some Festival Drums and beats and real music, not Synthesizer/Keyboard Tunes. And finally, choreographers and contingents had the chance to show more of their true potential. Sadly, the space at Quezon Park is limited and most people had to go home with the impressions they had from the street parade, not seeing the true skills and capabilities of the contingents.

However, those which had a chance to watch the Sandurot Festival 2018 Showdown saw some great performances, with winners deserving their place in the spotlight and all others with real great performances.

Check out our Sandurot Festival 2018 Video

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