Renewal of Business Permit in Dumaguete

Each year Business Owners need to renew their Business License, it start each year every first week of January. To avoid wasting too much time, effort , patience and money, here are the step you might need to do to process your Business Permit Renewal at Dumaguete City Hall’s yearly Business One Stop Shop (BOSS). Below mentioned procedure for the Business Permit Renewal are the steps we took to get it done. Depending on your business, there might be additional requirements and steps to follow

UPDATE: Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) is extended until Feb 14th 2014

Dumagueteinfo-Net-Service Rechel and Dumaguete City Administrator William Ablong

William Ablong

Be Prepared for your Business Permit Renewal

Go to Permit Section Office, to get the “Application form for Business License”, then pay 25.00 peso at Treasure Office Collectors .

Fill up the Application form for Business License. Information needed as follows:


Date of application, DTI SEC/CDA/DOLE Registration number and Date of Registration, Business ID number, TIN, applicant Full name, Business Name, Total Gross Sales/ Receipts Preceding  ect. Go back to Treasurer Office, to the Evaluator, to let them evaluate it, based on your evaluated Gross Sales. They will base how much you have to pay for your Community Tax or CIDULA.

If you don’t have a current medical, go to the City Health Office and get your x-ray and urine test done.


Get Barangay Clearance at your Barangay . (you will need your new CIDULA to get Barangay Clearance.). Ready all your required documents to proceed your business permit renewal:

  • Cummunity Tax or CIDULA.
  • Barangay Clearance
  • ALL last year Certificates and Receipts from the following
  • SANITARY  Permit ( Current Medical  Check Up Result for urine test , X-Rray, Drug test)
  • ENRO Receipt of Garbage fee.
  • Last year Business Permit,
  • Complete 12 months SSS payment Receipts
  • Complete 12 months Pag-ibig Fund Payment Receipts
  • Complete 12 months  PhilHealth payment
  • Annual Registration for BIR, Registration form 0605 and receipt from the Bank you paid it.
  • Annual  Medical  Check Up, Result for urine test , stole, x-ray, drug test.

When you have all your documents together the following may serve as a guideline to renew your Business Permit at the One Stop Shop

Dumaguete City Hall Business One Stop Shop (BOSS)

Go back to Treasure office to  pay new Sanitary Permit, new  ELECTRICAL & BUILDING INSPECTION CERTIFICATE, new FIRE INSPECTION CERTIFECATE, Mayors Fee, Sign board fee, Garbage free  Services Commission Basis 1st Quarter. ( services commission basis has option to pay it full year or quarterly)

Go back to Health Center office of Registration, signing, and releasing SANITARY PERMIT, and Health certificate.

Engineers office for signing and releasing of New ELECTRICAL & BUILDING INSPECTION CERTIFICATE

Fire Station Office for signing, releasing of Report of inspection and  FIRE INSPECTION CERTIFECATE

Go to Legal office to have your Application form Notarization, get the stamp on your application form. Notary Public.

Signing  of Real Property Tax.

Signing of License fee and taxes.


Go to Permit Section for verification. They will print your new Business License.

Go to Administer Office for signing Log book. Administrator of the City hall will sign of your New Business License and Release.

Congratulations – You are Done

The whole procedure at the Business One-Stop-Shop (BOSS) in Dumaguete takes only a few hours. DumagueteInfo Net Service started one afternoon with the prep. We got the “Application form for Business License”, went to the City Health Office to make all medical tests and returned to our Barangay for the Barangay Clearance. Next morning we got the medical certificates and continued with the steps described above. It took only until 1:00pm and we had the signature of Dumaguete City Administrator William Ablong on our renewed Business Permit.