Miss Vallehermoso 2016

Miss Vallehermoso hot stage

Miss Vallehermoso 2016 Pageant and Coronation Night is the highlight of the municipalities pre-fiesta celebrations. It was schedule the night before actual fiesta, so by the end of the day Vallehermoso will have their new queen.

The announced time to start the event was 8:00 o’clock in the evening, but with some small touches needed needed on dresses and make up and small waiting time for some guest the beauty pageant started just before 9:00pm. This is actually quite an achievement. We had this year already 3 hours and more waiting time at similar events.

Miss Vallehermoso Production

The host was professional and he started to open the event with the prayers and the national anthem followed by introducing all members of the board of judges, while the audience was excitedly cheering for their candidates to come out on the stage to present themselves for the first time during this evening.

The nine lovely and equally beautiful Miss Vallehermoso 2016 candidates present themselves on their cocktail attire being their production dress.

The candidates fort Miss Vallehermoso 2016 gracefully and proudly introduce themselves by presenting their supporting barangays.  The early start was very appreciated by the audience and they supported all contestants by cheering without a break.

The people were getting nuts when the host announced that the most awaited part of the pageant –the Bikini round– will start just within split seconds right in front of the cheering audience. The candidates just dropped of their cocktail dress in a quick turn around and were standing on the stage in their Bikinis or most say politically correct “swim wear attire”. That was big surprise for the audience and the judges. What a show!

Our compliments to the stage choreographer for implementing this idea which surprised everybody.

We also like to say “Thank You” to all people behind this event specially to those have been not in the spotlight, but helping all the way to make this event successful, not to forget the VIP’s and performers.

To give the people a bit of a break from cheering, and the candidates some time to change,  a short dance intermission number was given. After this short intermission it was time for the the casual dress round, followed by the question and answer portion on a live talk-show format, letting the candidates sit and feel comfortable while having their interview.

Last part of this Miss Vallehermoso beauty pageant was the gown round. The nine lovely ladies walked gracefully on the stage showing elegance and confidence. For us this night they were all winners and the hundreds of people in the audience honored the candidates with none-stop cheering and enjoyed the show to the fullest.

Before the announcement of the winner, a group of young bamboo musicians entered the stage. It was an awesome performance.,
The kids were enjoying what they play and at the same time showcasing their talent. We must say that the group has the potential to share their talents on bigger stages, and we hope to see them again somewhere.

As we always say, everybody is a winner but only one queen will take tittle Miss Vallehermoso 2016 and the precious crown home.

Congratulation Miss Vallehermoso 2016  

Miss Vallehermoso 2016
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