Miss Pandanyag 2018

La Libertad – Negros Oriental

La Libertad - Miss Pandanyag Festival 2018

Every year, the municipality of La Libertad celebrates the Pandanyag Festival with different grand activities such as carabao racing, piglet catching, variety shows and live bands. But among others, the search for the Miss Pandanyag 2018 was the highlight to the celebration. For this year’s pageant, eight lovely candidates will be battling with brain, beauty, poise and grace in order to rightfully claim the title and crown as Miss Pandanyag 2018.

Miss Pandanyag 2018 – Coronation Night

The coronation night of the Miss Pandanyag 2018 was held on April 20, 2018. The municipality of La Libertad were generous to accommodate us at Lalimar Beach Resort so that we won’t miss on the Miss Pandanyag 2018 Pageant. The great thing about La Libertad is that the people are determined. With the coordination of the pageant committee and other government officers of La Libertad, the pageant went to a non-stop smooth flow. Great work!

Festival Production

The production number of the Miss Pandanyag 2018 was made with the candidates wearing their native festival attires mostly made from the pandan leaves. It was a great way to promote the town’s products with such grace a liveliness. After the production number the panel of judges were introduces and a few intermissions were made.


When you have watched people dance all over again and again, it becomes a little boring. But with the candidates of the Miss Pandanyag 2018, there was not a second you would want to miss. It was both lively, sensational and creative. From modern dancing, to pop, belly dancing, and even interpretative acts.


After the talent portion of the competition, there were more intermissions made. Once the candidates came out the crowd could help but howl and cheer for their favored contestant. Although some people, may not consider the swimwear to bring the best curves out, it did help in the conservative and tredy look of the contestants.

Of course, like in every beauty pageant a candidate must wear their evening gowns to show how dashing and elegant they look. With a small Filipino tradition twist, the candidates were dresses in the Filipiniana-inspired gowns. After this the Question and Answer portion followed. This is the most crucial part of any beauty pageant, however, with all relief the candidates did their best to share their answers.

The DC-Team greatly enjoyed the celebration of the Pandanyag Festival 2018 and we hope to see you all next year! Happy Fiesta La Libertad!

Congratulations to Miss Pandanyag 2018!

Watch the Miss Pandanyag 2018 Video below:

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