Miss Bindoy 2018

Talent Night & Coronation Night

Miss Bindoy 2018 - Production Number

The Selection and Coronation Night of Miss Bindoy 2018 was held last April 04, 2018 at the Bindoy Gymnasium while the pre-pageant Talent Night was held a night before. Being crowned as Miss Bindoy 2018 is not only an honor, but a great responsibility when it comes to promoting the municipality. For this year’s pageant, eight gorgeous ladies battle their way for the title and crown.

Talent Night of Miss Bindoy 2018

The pre-pageant night of the Miss Bindoy 2018 includes the presentation and the actual talent competition. During this portion of the event, the audience were able to finally meet the candidates representing and sponsored by the different government offices of Bindoy. The unique talents shown by the candidates made the audience laugh, cry and amazed! From dancing, singing and a magic show performance, the candidates made one great pre-pageant show!

Miss Bindoy 2018 – Coronation Night

The coronation night of Miss Bindoy 2018 was held at the Town Gymnasium after the Libod Sayaw Festival 2018 Street Dancing and Showdown. Still full of the Bindoy-fiesta-spirit, both the locals and guests flooded the covered court gymnasium before the event finally started. It was a rather chilly and windy night. However, the candidates gracefully warmed the venue with the production number of the evening’s event.

Right after the production number, the candidates made the place even warmer and exciting during the next round…Bikini! Unlike other beauty pageants, the Miss Bindoy 2018 bikini attire were quite simple yet gives a great compliment to the candidate’s curves and body type. But beauty and body does not win a title on its own. Hence, the Question and Answer (Q&A) portion of the Miss Bindoy 2018 pageant was made to test their wits.

In the next round of the competition, all the eight lovely candidates showed their best poise and elegance wearing their black evening gowns. The best part of the whole evening was when the rain gods showered the candidate right in the middle of the evening gown portion of the competition. This showed the professionalism and the fighting spirits of the candidates as they walk through the rain. After the rest of the candidates paraded through the pouting rain, a short break was made. Eventually, the rain got tired and the giving of awards were made.

Congratulations to the winners of

Miss Bindoy 2018!!!

Miss Bindoy 2018 - Winners
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