Miss Amlan 2017

Negros Oriental | Philippines

Miss Amlan 2017 Coronation Night - Gown

Our trip to Amlan was yet again an enjoyable one as ever. As part of the Amlan Fiesta 2017 celebrations, the search for Miss Amlan 2017 is considered as one of the highlights of the whole occasion in which we thoroughly enjoyed covering well.

The municipality of Amlan has always been a great host for the DC Team and is one of our favorite municipalities here in Negros Oriental. Thanks to the Tourism Office of Amlan for securing us some great seats to watch and cover the Miss Amlan 2017, and to Escosas Bar and Resort for the accommodation.

Miss Amlan 2017 – Coronation Night

The respective words of welcome from the Amlan Mayor and introducing of judges were made after the prayers and the national anthem. With little time wasted, Miss Amlan 2016 and the eight candidates competition for this year’s crown graced the stage with their lively production number.

The audience seemed to enjoy as they shouted and cheered for their own favorite candidates. After the production number, a short musical intermission number was made in order for the candidates to prepare for the next round of the competition.

Swimwear Competition

The heat rose in the Amlan gym area as the candidates went back on stage in their trendy black swimwear. Each of the ladies owned stage with their curvy bodies as they did their catwalks. A few more intermissions were made after the swimwear competition so that the candidates could thoroughly prepare for the next round of the competition.

Evening Gown

The candidates were dresses in the royal colors of purple for the evening gown competition. With elegance and poise, they were all able to grace the stage with their charm and femininity. To earn the title and crown as Miss Amlan, one must be both beautiful and smart. The eight candidates were tested during the question and answer portion. In the form of hashtags (ex. #MissAmlan2017), the candidates gave their own opinion about the given hashtag.

The Amlan Tourism Officers and other organizers did great job in making a lively and smooth show for this year’s Miss Amlan 2017. The whole show was nothing else but a success.

Congratulation Miss Amlan 2017!!!

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