Manjuyod White Sandbar

Negros Oriental – Video

Manjuyod White Sandbar is one of the best tourist spots in Negros Oriental. Its fine white sand and clear turquoise waters is super refreshing and relaxing! This little paradise is considered by a few people as the “Maldives of the Philippines”. Of course, one must visit the sandbar to judge for themselves! In this video, we will be sharing you how to get to the Manjyod White Sandbar. We will also be discussing boat rates, prices for rides (banana boat, dragon boat, etc.), and some important tips! While you are on your way to the sandbar, make the combination trip to visit the Bais Dolphin Watching!

Watch the Manjuyod White Sandbar (Negros Oriental) video here:

Manjuyod Coast Guard: 0926 530 9313
Manjuyod Tourist Office: 0917 881 4160
Jomarie (Sandbar Organizer): 0997 596 2627

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