Langub Festival 2020 – Video

Mabinay | Negros Oriental

The famous Cave Capital of the Philippines celebrated the Langub Festival 2020 with lots of colors, merry making and dancing. The street dancing and showdown was held on January 24, 2020 along the streets and the Lingganay Stage. The term “Langub” means caves. It is just fitting that a municipality with over 400 caves celebrate their fiesta through a traditional dance. For this year’s festival competition, there were 8 groups who participated. Did you miss the unique caves festival?

Watch the Langub Festival 2020 in Mabinay Video here:

Mabinay is one of the municipalities in Negros Oriental that is rich in agricultural resources such as sugarcane, rice, and corn. It is also rich in many natural wonders such as the Mabinay Spring and the Bugsok Falls. The most spectacular wonders they can offer is the Caving in Mabinay. In the olden days, tribal people would use the caves as means of protection and home. Some uses the cave as a ritual place where they sing and dance. Today, these caves are used as an attraction for both locals and tourists.

For the festival competition, each of the groups had to make a creative story line include to the caves of Mabinay. They must showcase the history of the caves and of course it’s importance. There were also some basic dance moves the dancers had to follow. However, the choreographers added their creativity to making their group stand out. After the showdown competition, the program ended with the dancing of the “Go! Mabinay Go!” and singing of the Mabinay hymn. Viva Pit Señor! Happy Fiesta Mabinay!

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