Langub Festival 2019

Mabinay – Negros Oriental

Langub Festival 2019 - Mabinay - Showdown

The Langub Festival 2019 of Mabinay, Negros Oriental was held last January 24, 2019. Hundreds of locals and guests came to witness the jaw-dropping and colorful festival Mabinay has to showcase. Despite the weather not being the sunniest nor the brightest, the crowd was determined to celebrate the Langub Festival 2019.

Langub Festival – A Short History

There are many versions of how the stories of the Langub Festival originated; after all the winner writes the story. Despite these varieties, there is one common ground in which all the different barangays of Mabinay can agree to. The story goes long ago when the island of Negros was filled with tribes of natives and the mountains, of what is known today as Mabinay, ware still unexplored. A group of tribes went hunting one day and got lost. They traveled far and wide to seek refuge inside a cave. Soon they discovered more caves and decided that the tribe would live inside them.

Mabinay is claimed to be the Cave Capital of the Philippines with its 400 plus discovered and undiscovered caves. There are different levels of caving experience; beginners (sightseeing), advanced and extreme. Know more about Mabinay Caves here!

Langub Festival 2019 – Street Dancing and Showdown

The Langub Festival 2019 Street Dancing competition started around 2:30 in the afternoon. Usually, during this time, it is considered as one of the hottest parts of the day. Thanks to the weather gods, Mabinay was filled with fluffy clouds during the street dancing. The streets of Mabinay was filled with colors of green, yellow, orange, red and brown as the dancers swayed and jumped to the loud beats of the drums. There were eight group of dancers from the different clusters of barangays in Mabinay. Each of the groups had a very interesting costume and choreography.

After the street dancing, everyone gathered in front of the Municipal Landmark just a few steps after the Mabinay Terminal Complex. The Langub Festival Showdown was held there. After the first two groups of dancers performed the sky started to cry. Tears of joy? Tears of excitement? However, this did not stop anyone from celebrating the Langub Festival. It was indeed a rain or shine event! This only showed how the people love Mabinay and its activities.

Langub Festival 2019 - Mabinay - Street Dancing

The DC-Team, on the other hand, were not the biggest fan of rainy days since cameras and other equipment were more of a dry thing. But we made it!

The Langub Festival 2019 Awarding was then followed by some dancing and fireworks. The municipality of Mabinay is somewhat dear to the hearts of the DC-Team. Rain or shine…their events will still be a success!

Go Mabinay! Go! Happy Fiesta Mabinay!

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