Hibalag Festival 2018

Silliman University – Festival King and Queen

Silliman University Hibalag 2018 Festival King and Queen

The celebration of the 117th Silliman Founder’s Day is an important event for all the students, teachers, alumni and even non-related locals in Dumaguete City. Being the “Learning Center of Negros Oriental”, Silliman University plays an important role in molding the minds of the youth. With the Hibalag Festival 2018 Festival King and Queen, students and non-students enjoy the showcasing of talents in the field of festivity.

Hibalag Night in Silliman University

One of the consistent events held by Silliman University during their Founder’s Day is the Hibalag Night. During the Hibalag Night, the different departments of the institute build booths to raise money and entertain their guests. Food booths, challenge booths, game booths or simply selling booths can be found during the Hibalag Night. There are endless activities one can do; such as wall climbing or tie-rope or even just dart!

Hibalag Festival 2018 King and Queen

Since 2015, the search for the Hibalag Festival King and Queen made a huge unity among people who visited Silliman University during the Hibalag Night. It was stopped due to some unfortunate reasons. This year, the Silliman Hibalag Festival 2018 King and Queen is back with a grander program, more contestant and better festivities!

Although the Hibalag Festival 2018 looks more into the showcasing and strengthening of festivals instead of the competition, the search for the King and Queen is still considered a pageant. Ten pairs of Sillimanians pride participated in the said event. The program kicked off with the usual prayers, National Anthem, and introductions. After this, the candidates slipped into their festival attire to showcase the different festival each pair represent.

A question and answer followed the festival portion of the competition. Three judges gave the questions in which each of the candidates tried to answer it as best and as relevant as possible. Not before long, a new Hibalag Festival 2018 King and Queen emerged into the spotlight.


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