GSIS Loan Online Application 2020

Government Security Insurance System – Video

The Government Security Insurance System or GSIS Loan is now available for online application. When it comes to crisis, emergencies or financial needs, the loan is there to help you. GSIS is offering its members and pensioners these different loan services: Consolidated Loan (Conso-Loan), Policy Loan, and Pension Loan – NOT Emergency Loan. Watch the video to learn the requirements, different kinds of loan and the procedure of getting a Loan Online!

Watch the GSIS Loan Online Application 2020 Video below:


Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus Form:
Pension Loan:
Policy Loan (Optional):
Policy Loan (Compulsory):

GSIS Email Address

📌National Capital Region (NCR), including Quezon City, Cavite and Rizal
📌North Luzon
📌South Luzon
📌Visayas Area
📌Mindanao Area

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