Saulog sa Tanjay Festival

Saulog sa Tanjay Festival

Tanjay City is also very well known for their bodbod delicacy (sweet rice pudding). Because of the good crop harvest in Tanjay City, and the skills of the Tanjayanons, this Filipino delicacy is well known outside the municipality. Tanjay City is not only known for their tourist attractions or delicacy but also for their festivals that are celebrated all year round. One of the most famous and most celebrated Festival of Tanjay is the Saulog sa Tanjay Festival. During the surrounding days of July 24, the celebration of the Saulog sa Tanjay is held.

The original celebration of this festival goes way back to the year 1814. However, this festival has undergone several changes and versions as generations pass. Regardless of the change people still accepted and enjoyed the said celebration.

In 1988, Arturo S. Regaldo pushed the Sinulog de Tanjay to become a more authentic celebration. He pushed the festival to show a crispier and clearer representation of the festival as the choreography of the street dancing festival was based on a mock battle between Moors and Christians. Through the help of St. James the Greater, the Catholics won the battle by driving away hundreds of Moors.

Until today, the celebration of the sweet victory is celebrated by the people of Tanjay. Vibrant colors of purple, green, orange and red are being used to emphasize the Saulog sa Tanjay Festival. Other events like Miss Tanjay beauty pageants, street dancing showdown, cultural shows, live bands, and fireworks display are also celebrated in this Saulog de Tanjay Festival.

As it has happened in the past festival celebrations, the Sinulog sa Tanjay will again will draw year by year the admiration and attentions of visitors from all over the province including the Tanjaynons themselves. As the celebration goes on, the feeling of unity, harmony and peace can be felt among every person who celebrates the Saulog sa Tanjay Festival.