Libod Sayaw Festival of Bindoy

Libod Sayaw Festival in Bindoy

The Libod Sayaw Festival is the most famous festival celebrated in the municipality of Bindoy, Negros Oriental. Since municipality of Bindoy is rich with marine life and resources, the Libod Sayaw Festival focuses on expressing the beauty of the underwater life beneath them.

The Libod Sayaw festival is usually celebrated on the 5th of April in honor of their patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer.

Bindoy is very well known for their Mantalip Reef, which the Libod Sayaw also focuses on celebrating too. With abundant marine creatures and resources, the people of Bindoy celebrate the Festival with the theme of the underwater wonders. With snappy yet graceful choreography, which is based on the old Filipino folk dances, the Libod Sayaw Festival gives a great sight for the people of Bindoy and other visitors of the event.

It is believed that St. Vincent Ferrer was the patron saint of builders, construction workers, plumbers, and fishermen. He was also known to help build the Catholic Church wherein the religious town’s people of Bindoy live. In honor of this young and caring patron saint, the Libod Sayaw Festival was created. Libod, which means “to make the rounds”, Sayaw, which vernacularly means “dance”, is a festival which refers to the streets dancing around the town of Bindoy.

With lots of colorfully designed costumes and props, the Libod Sayaw shows how grateful the town’s people are to their patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer. The locals make sure that their dance will please their patron saint, who endlessly guides and watches over the whole municipality.

Other events such as the search of the new Miss Bindoy, variety shows, trade fair, food booths, street dance competition, showdown competition and the fireworks display are also celebrated on this most joyous occasion of the Libod Sayaw Festival in Bindoy.