Negros Oriental & Dumaguete Calendar 2016

The Dumaguete Calendar 2016 was actually just an idea as a giveaway for our hard-working staff, our valuable clients and advertisers, without whom we could not keep this website up. However, as we had some immediate requests, we decided to print some more for our site-visitors who want it as a present or gift for their friends.

To our knowledge it is the very first Photo Calendar with motives from around Dumaguete and Negros Oriental. Over the last year er visited so many great spots that we really had problems which motives and images we use. We could have made one page per week, but that certainly would not fit into our tiny budget as a giveaway.

The next issue was printing it. We tested several print-shops in Dumaguete and the results were lousy, whereas lousy is really the polite word. Of course we still needed to pay the full price for the test-prints. We think that is just wrong that one needs to pay for stuff which can’t be used. It certainly falls under the category “Only in the Philippines” or “It’s more fun“. Some Photo Shops wanted 70Php for a A4 print out, which would bring the calendar to a production cost of over 1,000 Php, not counting time and running around.

Anyway, one shop was at least as honest to tell us they can’t print it in the quality, but made us a friendly price for the binding with protection cover.

At the end we were able to get the right printing done to have our very limited edition of our special Dumaguete & Negros Oriental Calendar 2016 ready for Christmas. Some of the pictures are from well known places, some from festivals we visited over the year, others from breathtaking spots we visited, but which are not know as a tourist spot, even they are actually much nicer than the well known always promoted spots.

The Negros Oriental & Dumaguete Calendar 2016 is printed in A4 size on 180 gram high-glossy photo paper and has a clear protective cover. Our printing cost for this unique Dumaguete Calendar is Php435.00. If one of our valuable site visitors is interested to get a copy of it, feel free to contact us. We are happy to get you one printed at production cost.

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