Ballroom & Folk Dance – Buglasan 2016

As we always say that one of our favorites during Buglasan celebration are the Cultural events like the Folk Dance Competition with the Spanish influence. Right after this was the  the Ballroom Dancing Competition which is not less fun to watch. Of course we used the chance to take once again some great pictures

Buglasan 2016 – Ballroom & Folk Dance Competition

buglasan 2016 folk dance

This year the Folk Dance was a bit late as all other stages in freedom park seem to make some overtime and give other talents a chance to show their talents and contributions to the festival. It is like on most events that the dancers on one stage had to wait a little bit until the other performers finished and the audience had the chance to move from one venue to the next.

All Ballroom dancers were ready backstage and the last small touch on make up and costumes were done, so it was time for the ladies and gentlemen to enter the big stage and show their skills to the thousands of spectators in front of the stage.Here are some photos of the

Ballroom Dancing Competition

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