Tourist Spots in Bais

Dolphins are the great tourist attraction of Bais. The white sandbar belongs actually to the neighboring municipality of Manjuyod. Another tourist spot in Bais is the Mangove Forrest with its baywalk. Furthermore is the old steam-train and the small chapel worth a quick stop

Dolphin watching

Dolphins in Bais

Sold as Dolphin and Whale watching by many operators, we must be honest that whale sightings are not reported since many years, and if so, only by operators of boats or officials. However, the trip to the Dolphins in Tañon Strait is certainly worth doing.

Mangrove Forrest

Mangrove Forrest Bais
The Mangrove Forest has it concrete walk way for its visitors who want to see the different species of Mangrove trees, on the walk way there are some concrete cottage too with stairs going down to the water for those who want to have a swim, or going snorkeling at the nearby Talabong reef. The Mangrove Forrest can be reached by land or boat. Some of the bigger boats are not able to approach the mooring point during low tide.

Old Baldwin Locomotive in Bais

Baldwin Locomotive in Bais City

The old Baldwin steam train is another tourist spot in Bais. It is located just a few kilometers south of the city. If coming from Dumaguete take a few minutes to stop there and take some pictures. The old iron dinosaur is a narrow gauge train steaming through the sugar cane fields of Negros Oriental for Central Azucarera de Bais.

Sadly there is not much maintenance going on. While the outside gets a few gallons of paint every now and then, the old train is rusting away under the paint. So really be careful when climbing into it.