Sayaw Waterfalls – Enchanted Falls

Vallehermoso – Negros Oriental

Sayaw Waterfalls - Enchanted Falls - Vallehermoso - Negros Oriental

A long time ago there is a place in this beautiful town of Vallehermoso where many birds seek for refuge. In this place you will find a verdant virgin forest.

Birds are found and nested in this place. The virgin forest though not as big compared to other forests, still has many trees, wild plants and flowers, and abundant water. This becomes the dwelling place of these species of birds known as “SAYAW”.

Vallehermoso Sitio Sayaw Barangay Puan going to Sayaw Enchanted Waterfalls

This local bird is called “Sayaw” because of its graceful and fluid movement. But as time goes by, the place where inhibited by different settlers and have disturbed the quiet place of Sitio Sayaw. This led the sayaw birds to flee from the place, leaving only a little of their entire population.

Sitio Sayaw is located at Brgy. Puan, Vallehermoso Negros Oriental one of the 15 barangays that composes the municipality of Vallehermoso. Aside from being known as the thriving place of sayaw birds, there is still one reason why this place should be considered as a tourist attraction.

Hidden in the trees and mountains is a waterfalls known as “Sayaw waterfalls”, or”enchanted waterfalls” with the distance of 7km from Vallehermoso Municipal hall this places remains unknown by the many even those who lives in Vallehermoso. This falls has been here ever since the place became a sitio and without any human intervention this is a natural form of waterfall.

A typical waterfall where the stream leaps over the edge of the cliff and falls freely to the air until it hits the lower level of the stream bed. The Sayaw Waterfalls can be describe as a “horsetail” waterfall.

This waterfall is very beautiful and enchanting. Thus, its name is changed from “SAYAW WATERFALLS” into “SAYAW ENCHANTED WATERFALLS”. The mesmerizing sounds of the cascading waterfalls gives a therapeutic and relax feeling.

The blue skies, the green surroundings, cold and clean freshwater, the singing of the birds around, one can forget his busy life when gets visit this place and get acquainted again with Mother Nature. You will be captivated by its beauty_ A beauty not known to almost everybody since it is hidden in the valleys and mountains of Vallehermoso. Surrounded by trees, wild plants and flowers, you