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Why Not - Dumaguete City - Negros Oriental

Why Not is one of the top choices when it comes to International Inspired Cuisines and Restaurants in Dumaguete. It is a favorite to both locals and foreigners. Located along the Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete’s waterfront. One can enjoy their meal with a great view of the city’s tourist attraction. The complex is composed of four different establishments and sections. Namely Le Chalet (the restaurant), Chicco’s Delicatessen (the deli), Tropini (firewood pizza), and Why Not? Dumaguete (the disco bar). Over the years people simply called it Why Not because it was easier to remember.

Le Chalet Swiss Resto

The main “restaurant” part of the area is officially known as Le Chalet Swiss Resto. Its menu composes of a wide variety of dishes including European, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisine. One can also see a selection of vegetarian and seafood. They also offer weekly specials such as the Sunday Breakfast Buffet from 7 am – 10 am (Eat All You Can). They also offer Thursday Swiss Native Grill Night starting at 6 pm (CANCELED – due to ongoing pandemic). Aside from that, they also offer a small salad bar and delicious desserts.

Watch Sunday Breakfast Buffet at Why Not Dumaguete Video below:

Chicco’s Delicatessen

Chicoo’s Delicatessen or simply Chicco’s Deli, on the other hand, offers a fresh bread, cold cuts, chocolate, and cheese. Perfect for a quick bite to eat, with some coffee and a sandwich. They also have cookies, cakes, and one of the best homemade gelatos in Dumaguete City. Imported goods such as mustard, crackers, candy, canned items, and alcoholic beverages can also be bought in this section of the area.

Tropini Pizza

If you are craving for good pizza made from real firewood, then Tropini Pizza is the place for you! They offer a selection of pizza, panizza, and calzones. You can also customize your own pizza toppings at Tropini Pizza. Paired with a glass of red wine, Tropini’s pizza is simply mouthwatering and satisfying.

Watch Tropini Pizza (Food Trip) Video below:

So, whether you are craving for a steak, pizza, a quick bite to eat, some cold cuts or simple a gelato…Why Not is the place to go!

Why Not? Dumaguete City

Address: Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental
Phone: (035) 422 9209