VISA Information for Filipino Traveler

Traveling the world is wonderful, educating and a great experience for everybody. Obtaining a Filipino passport is often a big pain due to documentation issues and mistakes on birth certificates and other documents. If one got all the paperwork together, it does not take too long to have a passport issued. Once or twice a year are mobile passport services organized, where all required application papers are filled in. A few weeks later the new passport is send from the issuing office to Dumaguete and it can be picked up.

Filipino Passport

Many Filipino want a passport to get work abroad. It need to be said that only a few use the chance to travel and experience other countries and cultures. A four-day trip to some neighboring countries is often cheaper than the cellphone people hold in their hands. Maybe nowadays it is more important to click “like” hundred times a day than it is to experience the real world, its beauty and its culture.

VISA free travelling for Filipino

Filipino can travel around the world and enter many countries without applying for a Visa ahead of the trip. In many countries the Visa is issued upon arrival. We found the map below which illustrates the Visa requirements for Filipino Traveler around the globe. Almost 30 countries can be visited without any special requirements. Many more issue the Visa upon arrival.

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Green = visa-free for a certain number of days,
Blue = visa upon arrival valid for a certain number of days
Pink = Schengen visa required,
Yellow = visa required

It can be expected, that the numbers of countries which can be visited will grow in the near future. When planning a trip one need to gather information about the visa requirements of the destination. Quite some online sources are not up to date. However, there is another hurdle to take in the Philippines itself, the immigration officers and their procedures at international airport or seaport. Especially first time Filipino traveler may face some questioning during the first and second inspection by the Bureau of Immigration.

While some might see that as a harassment, there are reasons for this rather intense questioning. Not only a few Filipino travel abroad as a tourist, just to “disappear” and start working in the destination country. If one has all required documents ready the inspection only takes a few minutes.

Find the Departure Formalities for International-bound Filipino Traveler here.

Have a safe trip and Happy Traveling