Tourist Spots in Siaton

Negros Oriental

Turtle Island - Siaton - Boat Ride

The municipality of Siaton has many Tourist Spots that is worth the visit. Having a coast of about 50 kilometres it is not a surprise that they have some of the calmest and relaxing beaches and waterfronts in the Southern part of Negros Oriental. Here are the Tourist Spots if Siaton you can find in this article:
Turtle Island, Lake Balanan, Tambobo Bay & Scuba Diving in Siaton

Siaton - Negros Oriental - Turtle Island - Daisy

Lake Balanan

Aside from the luxury of white sand beaches and sea breeze, Siaton also offers the freshness of water from the Lake Balanan. Up in the mid-mountain areas of Siaton, the hidden wonder of the Lake Balanan awaits. This tourist spot in Siaton is located about 12 kilometres from the Siaton Plaza and takes about 45 minutes via a car and about an hour via a habal-habal.

Lake Balanan Siaton

Short History of Lake Balanan

According to documents, Siaton was hit by an earthquake with a record of 6.8 magnitude way back in May 5, 1925 at five in the afternoon. The earthquake caused a landslide resulting to a natural dam. The dam was called Sampong, which means “to close”, blocked the flow of the nearby Balanan River. With the blocking of the flow, the Balanan Lake was created. A natural disaster creating natural beauty right tin the middle of the mountainous areas of Siaton.

Offered activities in Lake Balanan are kayaking, pedalboat, boat rides, floating cottages, zipline, and even camping! The facility has different facilities such as picnic tables, restaurant tables, conference hall and staff house and rooms for those who wants to sleep over night. Their restaurant offers a limited menu; however, you can make your reservation and make special arrangements and requests.

Entrance fee for children ages 12 years old and under is PHP 25 only and PHP 50 for adults. The entrance fee gives you access to trekking, use of raft from pier 2 to 3 and the swimming pool.

Tambobo Bay

The stretched water of the Tambobo Bay is another relaxing place to visit while in Siaton. Aside from sailors and yacht, the Tambobo also attract tourists and pleasure seekers. From sunbathing, yacht riding cruising, swimming and eating, the Tambobo Bay is the place to be! Located in the Bonawon part of Siaton, the bay is just about 12 kilometers (half hour ride via a car) from the Siaton Plaza. Habal Habal rides will cost about PHP 60. Among the different spots to settle, the AB Café is known locally to be the best place to be. Aside from the amenities of the boardwalk and the small port, AB Café also offers delicious snacks and refreshing drinks.

Enjoy a fresh mango shake along the Tambobo Bay with the sea breeze gently blowing. AB Café also offers Friday Buffets for only PHP 200. Use of yacht will cost about PHP 10,000 for day use (cruising) and about PHP 4,000 for picture taking on the yacht.

Scuba Diving in Siaton

Scuba diving in Siaton is one of the most underrated activity most tourists miss when visiting Negros Oriental. Although Scuba Diving in Apo Island is still the top of the to do list, Siaton has a lot to offer when it comes to the said activity. With a coast of about 50 kilometers, there is no surprise that Siaton has an abundance of aquatic life. Check out this Diving in Siaton video to see what you’re missing!