Tourist Attractions in Bayawan

Bayawan City

Located at the southwest coast line of Negros Oriental, Bayawan City is a hidden gem for nature-lovers. Just behind the city limits a mountainous countryside invites visitors to explore the tropical flora and fauna. The over six kilometer long seaside boulevard is the longest of its kind in the Philippines.

Some may miss the hotels and resorts on the long stretch of beach, however, it is exactly the lack of these, which makes it charming. Here is the spot where the real life can be experienced. It is fascinating to watch the fishermen in the morning bringing their catch of the day in, maintaining their nets and boats and keeping themselves busy with their daily routine. In the evening one can experience a postcard sunset before heading to one of the local restaurants and eateries for dinner. It is the beautiful nature paired with rural lifestyle itself, which is one of the main tourist attractions in Bayawan.

For less than 1$ one can go for 20 minute horseback riding or enjoy the ride in a traditional kalesa. When planing to have a relaxed day at the beach before riding into the sunset in Bayawan City, Talipapa Beach Club and Restaurant would be an almost perfect option. Located at Bayawan Boulevard, Zamora Street in Barangay Suba at the northern end, it offers fresh cooked Filipino food. Talipapa has a number of small cottages which are part of the restaurant where one can have his meals and some fresh drinks before cooling down with a jump into the ocean.

Several rental cottages can be used during daytime. The overnight cottage comes at a cost of 1,200Php and is good for 2 person.

The general admission fee is 50 peso for adult 30 peso for kids. Eden’s spring Resort with its beautiful scenery established itself as a tourist attraction in Bayawan and opens its gates from 7:00am to 8:00pm.

Aqua Fun Resort

Aqua Fun Resort is a water park that is located a few kilometers before Eden’s Spring Resort. It is just a 10 minutes drive from Bayawan City. There are three different sections of the water park, one for smaller kids, another for teenagers and another for adults.

The water park paradise of Aqua Fun Resort is filled with slides, water canons, and recreational water falls. Entrance fee for kids 8 years old and below is just 30 pesos, while entrance for adults are 60 pesos. There is also a small convenience store where you can buy all sorts of things from food to accessories.

Tables and chairs are available at Aqua Fun Resort from the range of 130 pesos to 300 pesos only. Open cottages on the other hand will only cost 500 pesos, while Luxury Cottages range from 500 pesos (per 3 hours) to 1,150 pesos for a maximum of 12 hours. An air conditioned luxury cottage is also available for only 1,650 pesos. Additional breakfast meal (Pinoy or American style) will only be 200 pesos.

For big events and celebrations, Aqua Fun Resort can accommodate 100-140 people in their Function Hall for only 4,000 pesos per day. If you want to have the whole place for yourslef, renting the whole resort is also possible for 45,000 pesos only.

Camaya-an Paradise Beach Resort

Located in barangay Malabugas of Bayawan City, the Camaya-an Paradise Beach Resort  is another tourist destination to visit while exploring Bayawan City. It has both the refreshing touch of the beach and an out door swimming pool for both kids and adults!

For only 35 pesos, kids can enter this refreshing paradise. For adults, an entrance fee of only 75 pesos is need to enter and enjoy. Overnight staying is now possible with their rooms and accommodation at Camay-an Paradise Beach Resort. Rooms are only for 2,500 pesos (good for 5 persons with small kitchen, bathroom and water dispenser).

Bayawan City is not only rich in beaches and water parks but in beautiful water falls as well. For this next tourist spot, all you need are transportation and the love for nature. There is no entrance fee for the Niludhan Falls. Located about 30 km from the city central of Bayawan City, the Niludhan Falls is worth every minutes of the trip with its refreshing sight and cooling waters.

Bayawan City has more amazing waterfalls. “The Lourdes Falls” are just stunning and easy to reach located at Sitio Tagubang, Barangay Narra, .
There is no admission fee and the way there is almost as beautiful as the falls themselves.