Dumaguete Tourism Road Show

The Dumaguete Tourism Road Show is a great event organized by the Tourism Office. The Road Show usually takes place during the fiesta month of different Barangays. It is an evening full of entertainment and fun.

Dumaguete Tourism Road Show

This show is project of the beloved mayor of Dumaguete Manuel T. Sagarbarria to bring the talents of Dumaguete not only to the big events, but also to the small Barangays and to the people who can’t make it downtown during the City Fiesta or Buglasan.

The DC-Team has been to many Tourism Road Shows and each one is different. It is not getting boring, no matter how often we visited the Show. The program varies most of the time but one thing remains the same. If our honorable heads of the city are in Dumaguete and have time, they will show up, not as VIPs, but in the middle of their Dumagueteños Each and everybody can approach them with questions or just for a selfie.

The Tourism Office is usually inviting some traditional dance groups from local schools, singers, hip-hop-dancers and other local talents to perform during this colorful event. It is always great to see when the Facebook Teenagers don’t forget their traditional roots and perform and preserve our very own Filipino cultural dances like “Tinikling”, “Pandanggo sa ilaw”, ” Sayaw sa bang-ko”, “Singkil” and others. More often than not the youngest of the Barangay overcome their fear and make their first steps on the big stage. Usually they also get the biggest cheers.

But it is not all about the performers; it is also about the Barangay where the Road Show takes place. The Barangay Captain gets involved; the audience is participating in games and quizzes to win prizes and everybody has just a really great time. The show is great and motivating for the young generation if they see the important of this Cultural Show. Its gives smile to the young ones as well as to the elders as they see how the artist are bring back good old times. Their talents are a great example how Filipinos Cultural Dance could be extremely entertaining on a big stage. So, if the Dumaguete Tourism Road Show comes to your Barangay or you hear about it, do yourself a favor and go there. You won’t be disappointed.