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NORSU – Mr & Ms CBA 2014

NORSU - Mr & Ms CBA 2014

Once again we were guests at the NORSU Gym for a beauty pageant. This time 10 candidates competed for the Mr. & Ms CBA 2014 title. CBA stands for College of Business Administration.  One aspect which makes these smaller contests very enjoyable is the audience. They are not just sitting and staring at the stage, they start cheering for their favourtites already an hour before the actual contest starts. One thing which is the same at each beauty pageants is the tension backstage before the competition starts.

NORSU – Mr & Ms CBA 2014 – Production Number

NORSU - Miss CBA 2014

NORSU – Mister & Miss CBA 2014 Business Attire and Talent

Mr & Ms CBA 2014 Candidates  in Official Attire and Gowns


NORSU - Miss CBA 2014

And the Winner is…

NORSU - Miss CBA 2014

Congratulations Mr & Ms CBA 2014

Mr & Miss CBA 2014