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Motocross at Robinsons Place Dumaguete

Dumaguete is also dubbed as the unofficial “Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines“. It is therefore not surprising that the City has an active Motocross Scene. Several Motocross events are taking place in Dumaguete and Negros all around the year. Thousands of spectators along the racetrack cheering for their favorites and getting excited.

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dumaguete motocross 2012

Each event has different categories, from Junior Motocross on their small bikes to semi-pros on their high-tech racing machines. The smell of gasoline, the noise, the tension which can be felt everywhere puts all what a motorsport event needs can be found at the Motocross Events in Dumaguete.

Pictures of Motocross in Dumaguete

There is no admission fee to the motocross racing events in Dumaguete and the best places are taken very fast. However, if one comes a little bit late, there is always a branch in a tree.


dumaguete-motocross 2012

dumaguete-motocross 2012

See you at the next Dumaguete Motocross Event.