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Miss Tinago 2014

A Tuesday evening can’t be spend much better than visiting a beauty contest. In this case, we went to Barangay “Uno” to witness the Miss Tinago 2014 Beauty Pageant . The Gym in the Barangay was packed when the contest Miss Tinago 2014 took off. Each of the seven contestants had their supporters in the audience cheering their lungs out. That certainly pushed them to give their very best on the catwalk.

The organizers allowed the DINS-Team to get a sneak-peak at the backstage area, so we are able to share some of the pictures which are usually hidden from the public eye.

Backstage at Miss Tinago 2014

The Miss Tinago 2014 Beauty Pageant



Wenzell Cunanan Rendal – Miss Tinago 2014


While the Miss Dumaguete or similar “elite” contests attract all VIPs and local star-photographers, for us the smaller contests have a very special charm to it and the DINS-Team gladly covers those events. At this point one more big “Thank You” to the organizers of Barangay Uno to invite us. The Miss Tinago 2014 was a great event and we hope everybody enjoyed our pictures, like we enjoyed the contest.