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Mabinay Fiesta 2015

Mabinay Fiesta 2015

Mabinay Fiesta 2015

The annual fiesta in Mabinay will be like always celebrated in honor of Sr Santo Niño. The Mabinay Fiesta 2015 has the theme:” GO for Progress thru Mabinayanihan” and will be held on January 24 & 25, 2015. The go in the theme stands also for “Greener & Organized”

The activities start already on January 20 with the Government Employee’s Night at 8:00pm at the Municipality Covered Court. Highlights of this years Fiesta in Mabinay are of course the “Miss Mabinay 2015” beauty pageant and the Langub Festival with Street Dancing and Showdown on January 24.

Mabinay Langub Festival

So if you have no other plans, why not getting on a bus and visiting the municipality to attend the Mabinay Fiesta 2015.

Mabinay Fiesta Schedule

Tuesday January 20, 2015
Government Employee’s Night – 8:00pm at Mun. Covered Court

Wednesday January 21, 2015
3G Grand Finals – 8:00pm at Mun. Covered Court DISCO

Thursday January 22, 2015
Miss Mabinay 2015 Selection and Coronation Night – 7:00pm at Mun. Covered Court

Friday Jaunary 23, 2015
CIVIC Parade 7:00am , Livelihood Congress and Agro – Fair – 9:00am , MEV Cultural Show 7:00pm DISCO

Saturday January 24, 2015
Mayor’s Cup (Shooting Competition) Level 2 – 8:00am at A- Hits Firing Range
Langub Festival 2015 – 1:00pm Street Dance/ Showdown, DISCO

Sunday  January 25, 2015
High Mass ( Santo Niño Parish Church) 9:00am, Mabinay Motocross at Barangay Tadlong 8:00am, DISCO

Happy Fiesta 2015 Mabinay