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Guihulugan Festival 2015

Guihulugan Festival 2015

Guihulngan City Fiesta
The City of Guihulngan celebrates Guihulugan Festival 2015 (<– a real tongue twister for foreign tourists and expats) with a colorful street dancing parade followed by a not less entertaining showdown in the covered court. Five contestants were participating. All of them did an outstanding job. Following some picturs in no particular order.

While the street dancing was announced for 7:00 am, the Freedom Park in Guihulngan was rather empty at that time. The first contingent arrived past that hour and it took another few hours until the street parade of the Guihulugan Festival 2015  finally started.

It makes somehow sense. Why should they actually perform when it is not that hot, when they are still fresh, when they are still in a great mood… Nah, no need – better wait a few hours until the sun burns down…

Guihulngan City Fiesta 2015

The show-down of the Guihulugan Festival 2015 started in a packed covered court some when around 2:00 pm. Most of the five contingents had some additional dancers as support and of course more props. The judges had a tough job to decide who will be the winner of the grand prize. For the DC-Team it was very clear: All were winners!!

Guihulugan Festival 2015

See you next year in Guihulngan at the Guihulugan Festival 2016