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Folk dance competition at Sandurot Fiestival

Sandurot 2013 Folkdance and Harana Competition

The Theme “Embracing The Global Culture, Enriching Local Tradition” was brought alive during the Sandurot 2013 Folkdance and Harana competition. It is important to keep Filipino traditions alive, specially nowadays where the young generation is more into Hip Hop and Facebook.

Folk Dance Bamboo Dumaguete Sandurot Fiestival

Folk Dance Bamboo Dumaguete Sandurot Fiestival

This great event showed the beauty and significance to keep in touch with ones own roots. We hope you enjoy our pictures.

A great competition, which should not be missed next time.

Sandurot Dancesport-competition 2013

Sandurot Dance Sport Competition 2013

Due to heavy rain late afternoon, the Dance Sport Competition 2013 started with a delay of 90 minutes, a very wise decision of the organizers. The participants need for their steps a dry stage to make sure that nobody slips and ruins their performance, or even worse, getting injured. Five participating pairs were judged in Cha Cha, Chive and Rumba.

Sandurot Fiestival Dancesport-competition

Sandurot Fiestival Dancesport-competition

Pictures of the Dance Sport Competition 2013

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As it is a competition, there need to be winners. However, for us all participants were winner. Nowadays Dance Sport is not necessarily in the focus of the young generation; therefore it was great to watch this event and the enthusiasm for dance sport of all five pairs.

Sandurot Dancesport-competition 2013

Sandurot Dancesport-competition 2013


Buglasan on the processing

Buglasan 2013 Preparation

Whole Negros Oriental almost can’t await the Opening of Buglasan 2013 starts on Friday. We already paid a visit today and took some pictures of those, who are not in the spotlight, not the big TV celebrities, no beauty queens and no VIPs.

Buglasan preparation

Buglasan preparation Work

Many helping hands and hard work is needed to get all booths build, just to entertain us, the guests of Buglasan 2013. (click here to get to the schedule of the Festival)

A big thank you to all, who work in the background and never get the applause and honor they would deserve.