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Colon Street City Health Office Dumaguete header

Colon Street – Senator Lorenzo G. Teves Street

Colon Street City Health Office Dumaguete City

Colon Street City Health Office Dumaguete City

Colon Street  – Senator Lorenzo G. Teves Street

Colon Street viewing Rizal Boulevard from C & L Bay View InnMany Dumagueteños still call the Senator Lorenzo G. Teves Street the old name, which was Colon Street, even the name was changed already in 2005. The street runs in east-west direction, starting from the Boulevard, between Surban Street and Pinili Street, going westwards, crossing Perdices, Real Street and Cervantes Street, going further, known as Colon Street Extension, all the way to Foundation University at the Banica River.

History of the Colon Street –  Sen. Lorenzo G. Teves Street

From the Office of Dumaguete City Council March 17 2005 Resolution no.88 series 2005

Back in 1948 Congressman of Province of Negros Oriental, Honorable Lorenzo G. Teves, sponsored House Bill No. 1922 which was approved and become Republic Act no. 327, “AN ACT CREATING THE CITY OF DUMAGUETE”. This was shortly after World War II and like the rest of the country, Dumaguete lay in ruins but with faith and vision, Congressman Teves was resolved for City hood. Today Dumaguete is a bustling and progressive City.

Congressman Lorenzo G. Teves, distinguished himself in the House of Representative. This had gained recognition nationwide which later rewarded him with a seat in the Senate—a great honor for the City of Dumaguete and the province of Negros Oriental. Congressman and later as Senator, Honorable Lorenzo G. Teves always worked, what was best for the City and the Province. For the many contribution to the life and history of Dumaguete City, his name should be memorialized.

To remember the man for his accomplishment by the Dumagueteños as well as to the constituents of the country, there is a need to rename a major street in the city after his name.

Resolution no.8 8/ Ordinance no.13

On motion of Councilor Harrison K. Gonzalez, duly seconded by Espiridion V. Catan, the City Council in session assembled, as it is hereby resolved, to enact the following ordinance:

Ordinance no.13 series 2005 an ordinance renaming Colon Street as Senator Lorenzo G. Teves Street is it ordained by the City Council of Dumaguete.

Fruits & vegetable market dumaguete Colon-st

Fruits & vegetable market dumaguete Colon-st

Some land mark of Senator Lorenzo G. Teves Street

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