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Battle Of the Bands - Buglasan 2014

Buglasan 2014 – Live Band Competition

15 bands from all over Negros Oriental joined this years Live Band Competition at Buglasan 2014. Each band performed 7-10 minutes. Most of them where well prepared and rocked the stage in Freedom Park.  Our winner was clearly the band from Pamplona. Just the guitarist and the bass player alone probably doubled the average age of the whole Live Band competition, and their experience clearly showed the young generation how a few guys can fill up a big stage.

But as it always is, our favorite never wins. However, there was a lot of talent on the stage and all winners in the different categories also deserved their spot.

Backstage at the Live Band Competition

Battle of the Band – Buglasan 2014

Results of the Buglasan 2014 – Live Band Competition

result live band competition

Official Result provided by Negros Oriental Government

Despite the great entertaining evening and great success, some critic might be allowed. Some Bands had not even their instrument tuned proper, others had their hand on the microphone head and singing more into the hand than into the technical device, and some had a stage appearance like going for a stroll to the mall, standing around with back-pack on just looking at each other, the last thing missing was that they start texting.