St. Isidoro de Labrador Church

Aside from the beaches, Siquijor also holds some of the regions’ most popular churches. One of those churches is the St. Isidoro de Labrador Church. It is a good spot to visit for even non-Catholic guests would surely find marvel in looking at the church and its vicinity. There is a nostalgic feel upon entering the building since it has successfully preserved most of its original architecture and elements, making it feel as if guests have gone into a time-space warp when they enter the church. This is a wonderful feeling for some, while others may feel overwhelmed by the presence of the past that graces the architectural elements of the St. Isidoro de Labrador Church.

St. Isidore de Labrador Church

St. Isidoro de Labrador Church – 150 years and counting

Like most of the tourist destinations in Siquijor, St. Isidoro de Labrador Church is not commercialized, so guests could enjoy the classic feel of the place without getting distracted by the noise of other visitors. The Church stands for more than one and a half century, and although wear and tear is already evident because of the years passed, one could not argue that the wooden flooring, the ceiling, the thick walls, and the wooden pulpits are truly a sight to behold.

The stones in the building’s structure sport coral patterns. If guests could chance upon some of the caretakers and even just locals in the area, they could engage them in discussion and anecdote-exchanges that could reveal the historical significance of the church as well as the rich heritage that envelops the architecture not only of the St. Isidoro de Labrador but most of the churches that could be found in the island. The church stands as a testimony that change does not always mean development. Rather, preservation of culture and history provides spots like this one.

San Isidro Labrador church